Where does the Latest Version Work?

Henry B (Hank) Hotz, CISSP hbhotz at oxy.edu
Fri Aug 12 03:21:48 CEST 2016

I can get Heimdal 1.6 to work with some fiddling. There doesn’t seem to be a 1.7 branch in GIT. The bleeding-edge version doesn’t seem to be usable.

Since I believe there are people on this list actually doing development on Heimdal, where are you doing it? 

I’ve tried the latest Debian and NetBSD versions and get fairly similar issues with configure and m4. Both of their package systems seem to install autotools without installing all the dependencies that are actually required. The auto-tool-chain seems to hide error messages that might tell me what’s missing (like gcc!!).

I hadn’t planned on needing to debug things at this level, but I did want something that would work on a BeagleBone or Pi.

Assuming I can spend some time on this, what would it take to make the latest version at least minimally usable? Is there no longer a build farm? Are we missing someone to apply patches?

Personal email.  hbhotz at oxy.edu

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