Can ipropd-master service not do reverse DNS lookups?

Adam Lewenberg adamhl at
Fri Apr 7 22:41:28 CEST 2017

On 4/7/2017 12:55 PM, Jeffrey Hutzelman wrote:
> On Fri, 2017-04-07 at 12:31 -0700, Adam Lewenberg wrote:
>> I am trying to set up iprop replication for a slave KDC running on a
>> container in an EC2 instance in Amazon Web Services (AWS). We are
>> running Heimdal 1.5.2.
>> When the slave ipropd-slave connects to the master, it looks like
>> the
>> master is doing a reverse DNS lookup on the slave's IP address and
>> getting one of those long Amazon addresses (e.g.,
>> It then looks for
>> the
>> principal "iprop/" in
>> its
>> database.
> Are you sure that's what's happening?  ipropd connections are made by
> the slave to the master, and the authentication runs in that direction.
> The master can't just make up a principal name; it has to use the one
> in the ticket actually presented by the slave.
> Looking at (fairly old) code, what appears to be the case is that
> ipropd-slave constructs its own client principal name by calling
> krb5_sname_to_principal with a NULL hostname (which means to use the
> local hostname). Unfortunately, the library persists in taking that as
> license to perform forward and reverse DNS name lookups in deriving the
> Kerberos principal name, despite over a decade of advice to the
> contrary, including RFC4120 which states "Implementations of Kerberos
> and protocols based on Kerberos MUST NOT use insecure DNS quereies to
> canonicalize the hostname components of service principal names."*
> So no, there's no way to avoid using a hostname. However, I believe you
> should be able to suppress the reverse DNS resolution step by setting
> "rdns=false" in the libdefaults section of krb5.conf. After that, it
> should use whatever `hostname` returns (at least, if that's fully
> qualified).

Changing the hostname on the slave works. The hostname doesn't even have 
to be fully-qualified.

If I want to use a non-hostname-based iprop principal I could change 
hostname, start ipropd-slave, and change hostname back (this assumes 
that ipropd-slave does its hostname lookup only at the start and then 
never again). But this approach is very klunky.

It would be nice if I could start ipropd-slave with an option to set the 
iprop principal to something other than `hostname`.

Thanks very much!

Adam Lewenberg

> -- Jeff
> (*) No, I'm not even slightly bitter over this failure of every major
> Kerberos implementation to avoid what I consider to be a significant
> security issue. After all, it's not like they were all there when
> RFC4120 was written...

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