Are non-FILE credential caches supported?

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Thu Mar 15 16:15:18 CET 2018

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> Hello,
> There is a bug report (
> saying that using FILE: credential cache designator does not work.
> Interestingly enough, it works for me (FreeBSD 11.1, heimdal 7.5.0 from
> FreeBSD ports).

No, that's not what it says.  What's being discussed there is this setting:


which is what shows up in RHEL7's krb5.conf, because that's MIT's variable 
for setting the cache.  When you're using Heimdal on a RHEL7 system, you 
then get the problems I described.  As noted in the title of the bug 
report, this is an MIT/Heimdal interop issue.

Generally, I'd suspect that Heimdal should treat default_ccache_name as 
equivalent to default_cc_name.



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